With so many wonderful attendees and gorgeous gowns, it was impossible to select one greatest dressed winner for 2012’s remarkable Met Costume Institute Gala. Instead, we’ve pulled together a list of the most memorable looks for all kinds of factors. From our fave new face to the best use of colour, plus the most bonkers outfits of the night, here are some of our style picks this year…

Best Newcomer


Nina Dobrev certainly knows how to make an entrance at her first Met gala, wearing a silver and black Donna Karan dress with a super-extended train and one-shoulder specifics that shows off some seriously toned upper arms. She tweeted that the dress was heavy…but hopefully the weight was worth it!

Best Back View


Beyonce knows how to trigger a stir in armour-like Givenchy Couture that dissolves into ombre feathers. We can not cease staring, front or back, but it is the ‘sheer rear’ view that got men and women talking. Nicely, If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Finest Accessories


In spite of doggy handbags, cool clutches, cute hair flowers and all sorts of other killer accessories on the red carpet this year, the runaway winner has to be Karolina Kurkova, who shows us how to function a turban while hunting fierce. This is not an effortless appear to pull off (we mean you, Kourtney Kardashian) but with a bit of assist from Rachel Zoe, she pulled it off, and then some.

Most Polished

From the excellent hair and makeup (and these trademark eyebrows) to the most beautifully fitting, super-slinky Ralph Lauren gown, Camilla Belle‘s effective look is perfection. It pays homage to the 20s trend with out looking like fancy dress, and we cannot get more than how insane her body looks regardless of the lack of support. Jealous? Us?

Gala Golden Girl

There is absolutely nothing about Carey Mulligan‘s Prada appear that we do not enjoy. Properly, the shoes are a bit blah but who wants to draw focus downwards in a dress that bold? In spite of the truth she shunned complete-length, Carey still manages to put on a single of the most dramatic, memorable looks of the night. The hair and makeup are fabulous also.

Coolest use of colour

It was a close-run point with Dianna Agron looking gorge in green and January Jones corseted into acid yellow Versace, but for the ease in which she wore her louche, soft Prada gown, we have to pick Diane Kruger in the colour stakes. Enjoy that cutaway leading that looks almost like it’s as well massive for her – it offers the dress and effortless feel in spite of all the feathers.

Finest brief cut

Oh Emma Stone. If only we could package you up and ship you across the world so we could make you our new BFF. At an occasion exactly where absolutely everyone else appears intent on seeking extremely severe and grown up in huge gowns and goth makeup, we adore the Em popped her hair up in a little twist, kept the ‘face’ straightforward, donned a cute small flower-strewn frock and grinned her way down the red carpet. This adore affair with Lanvin is serving her well. Extended may it continue!

Cutest Red Carpet Couple

This was a tough a single. With so a lot of hot couples (and designer / muse partnerships) hitting the red carpet, we could have picked any 1 of them. But our heart lies with Jessica and Justin (her in Prada, him in Tom Ford). So, so cute!

Greatest Surprise

We were expecting Rihanna to rock up in the most OTT, ridiculous dress of the night (and she would have completely pulled it off). So to see her so covered up in a super-attractive but surprisingly subtle Tom Ford gown was a real surprise. Fortunately, it was a great one, and she looked incredible.

Greatest Divider

Kirsten Dunst‘s is the look that got the team speaking the most this morning – if only simply because we can’t make a decision whether or not we really like it or hate it. The team’s split down the middle – half of us applaud the risky shape and turn-of-the-century style of her Rodarte creation (though we wish she’d worn a massive ‘Rose from Titanic’ style hat). The rest aren’t so certain that a terracotta suit is the appropriate choice for a huge gala event. All are agreed it really is far more interesting than an additional strapless satin quantity, even though!

Most disappointing

Leighton Meester in Marchesa. What could go incorrect? Um, this…


If you can drag your eyes away from that fluffy hair and inexplicable TOWIE tan, you see is a quite pretty dress that looks about three sizes too big around the hips and bum. It is a beautiful confection, but it does completely nothing for Leighton’s figure. Where did it all go wrong?

Most Bonkers


Florence Welch in the Alexander McQueen lampshade dress. Adequate stated.

Greatest dress of the night

A straightforward win for Leslie Bibb in Zac Posen. An individual obviously told her the MET Gala was a case of ‘Go big or go home’. As 1 of our team pointed out, this is verging on Large Fat Gypsy Wedding territory, but the leafy print and curly corset top take it a bit closer to couture. There are couple of occasions that call for a gown like this, so we applaud Leslie for going all out!

Greatest impersonation of a hag-witch


Here’s the problem. There is a lot that’s excellent about Mary-Kate Olsen‘s The Row dress. It really is like a gorgeous 1930s wedding dress she discovered in a thrift store and reinvented by dying it black. It could so very easily have worked. The difficulty is…oh God, do we even need to go there? Aside from the hunched pose and angryface, whoever did her hair naturally had ‘issues’ with Mary-Kate. To get a comparable effect, take a can of dry shampoo and spray it on a poodle. Then backcomb.

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With so many wonderful attendees and gorgeous gowns, it was impossible to select one greatest dressed winner for 2012's remarkable Met Costume Institute Gala. Instead, we've pulled together a list of the most memorable looks for all kinds of factors. From our fave new face to the best use...