Editor’s Pick: Cheryl’s Miracle Hair Mask

First of all, I would just like to say that I discovered cult hair care brand Living Proof wayyyyy before Jennifer Aniston did. (She was recently named the face of the brand and is even a stakeholder in the company.) But I’m happy that the brand is getting more exposure, because their products are fantastic.

My favorite is the Restore Mask Treatment. I have to confess that I’m an abuser of hair color. I’ve been dying and highlighting since college. For all I know, I have an entire head full of grey hair. Right now, however, it is very, very blonde. I’m trying out a bleachy blonde, and have amped up the color significantly. If you’ve ever bleached you know that your hair can get dangerously straw-like.

I use this mask every other day–leave it on for five minutes in the shower and rinse. The packaging recommends that you use it once a week, but my hair is thirsty. And there’s never any kind of heavy residue. Even if you don’t bleach your hair unnaturally light shades, winter is not kind to your strands. This mask is a life saver (or rather, a lock saver).

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Dress of the day: Diva Catwalk bayswater dress


Diva Catwalk Bayswater dress £89.99 at Lovarni >>>

Diva Catwalk has been on our radar for a while – the dress label is a favourite of many TV presenters and newsreaders as the figure-hugging dresses are well-made in heavy fabrics that are brilliantly flattering. They also have the kind of modest hemlines and classic shapes that work well for daytime TV, so many stars end up wearing the label over and over again.

The joy of the bayswater dress is in its simplicity. On the right woman, this is modern day Joan Holloway. It looks amazing on most body types due to the bi-stretch fabric, but will be particularly va-va-voom if you’re hourglass or busty. It can be dressed up or down very easily to make it work for a variety of occasions, which will make your £90 investment work a bit harder. Add simple court shoes and a blazer for day, try a sparkly waist belt, big earrings and strappy sandals for the evening.

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How to Save Money in College AND Keep Your Social Life

Piggy Bank
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As college students, we are not strangers to money problems. From college loans to the cost of textbooks, school is expensive, meaning that to afford our educations, we usually have to cut back on our lifestyle spending… AKA the fun stuff.

With school expenses piling up, combined with pressure from friends to go out every night, it can be difficult to maintain a social life without overspending. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to cut out time with friends or stay in every night to save money! It is possible to be frugal and still have fun enjoying the college experience. Below, I’ll share my tips to help you do just that.

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Hair Dye Makes Your Hair Glow

And it’s not even a Halloween special! Wella Professionals Illumina hair dye is said to honor its name by making your dyed hair shine like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! How? By introducing the Microlight technology (something about micro particles encapsulating some metals left on hair) and drawing inspiration from virtual animations company. I never dyed my hair before, but if what Wella said is true, I’d love to start dying my hair Brave Merida Red!

hair dye glow wella illumina

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Introducing: Kelly Wearstler


Kelly Wearstler might not be known that well in the denim fashion industry, but she is certainly known in the interior design world. When I first saw these black kind of foil jeans shown above, I really thought they were outstanding and different from what I have seen around so far. So I decided to check out this brand and this is what I found:

– Wearstler’s career took flight in 1999, when she infused Beverly Hills’ Avalon Hotel with the unexpected, fearless aesthetic that has now become her signature. The bold, maximalist Midcentury design has been celebrated by critics and guests alike, and shepherded the current era in boutique hotel décor where dazzling, one-of-a-kind layouts are de rigueur.

In addition to her commercial work, Wearstler continuously creates grand residential interiors for some of the most prominent players in the worlds of art, business and entertainment.

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Score an Affordable Pair of Isabel Marant Inspired Wedge Sneakers

IF YOU’VE BEEN HOLDING OUT on purchasing a pair of the ubiquitous wedge sneaker booties, then it’s prime time to relinquish control of your credit card and give in. Target (or Tar-jey for those who like to put a Parisian twist on the retailer) just created their own version of the popular Isabel Marant trend … at a much more affordable price tag.

Priced at $ 29.99, the Selma High-Top Sneakers are a complete steal, meaning you can test run the style without committing to them for more than a few wears. With a variety of color choices, (silver, multicolored, and all black) we’d suggest you pair with a pair of faux leather leggings, oversized top, and let your inner supermodel out.

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Street Style: Lizzie Crocker Is Crushing on Bill Clinton

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Bruce Weber plays Santa for Selfridges’ Christmas campaign

Forget sentimental snowmen, cover versions sung by breathy manic pixie dreamgirls or sparkly dance routines starring Twiggy. Selfridges’ Christmas video is an altogether more stylish and relaxed affair, and we have a preview for you.

The film clip comes courtesy of renowned fashion photographer Bruce Weber, the king of buff boys shot in black and white, so it’ll come as no surprise that this video has all the hallmarks of his most famous work, as well as all manner of other unexpected stuff, like pearly queens, princesses, boxers, puppies, ballet dancers, moustaches and a very cool Count Basie soundtrack.

We can’t promise that if you throw a present in the air that it’ll be caught by a hot, curly-haired male model who’ll then dance you around the tree, but it’s worth a go, right?

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