a 560x368 Karl Lagerfeld Convinced Daphne Guinness and Amanda Harlech to Swap Identities for a Photo Shoot

Daphne as Amanda, Amanda as Daphne (left) Daphne as herself (correct).Photo: Courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld/V Magazine

For V‘s new “Transformations” issue, Karl Lagerfeld convinced Daphne Guinness and Amanda Harlech to dress up as 1 an additional. But as they’re both eccentric, moneyed fashion muses with somewhat mysterious official titles and closets full of feathers and haute couture, do not they dress very similarly already? As it turns out, they do: “[T]he switch only made them really feel much more like themselves,” writes Derek Blasberg, who went on to ask them lots of deep questions about it.

DB Let’s talk about individual transformations: how has your style morphed by means of the years?

AH My individual style hasn’t changed: it is gotten stronger, far more distilled, and much less scattered. I moved on from deconstructing my school uniform via punk, to Tess of the d’Urbervilles and the eponymous geisha, to an edge which I now recognize as “Amanda.”

DG When I was a child, I was constantly extremely shy and tried to meld into the background. The problem was that later in life it began to have the opposite effect—I thought I was in deep disguise, but in fact I was sticking out like a sore thumb.

Essentially, the greatest alter they had to make when swapping “identities” is that Amanda had to wear a blonde wig and Daphne a brown one. This was sort of weird for each of them, apparently, and neither actually desires to do it once again.

AH When I walked out on set with my blonde hairpieces, Karl burst out laughing and mentioned I looked like a hausfrau. I won’t be doing it once more, but secretly I did really like the allure of Daphne’s blondeness. It was like playing the princess role rather of constantly being the witch.

DG I trust Karl implicitly, but I wasn’t entirely excited about becoming a brunette. But, the end result was one thing magical: I was very surprised, and I wasn’t expecting Karl to take as many photos as he did. I sort of channeled Amanda at the finish, and she was channeling me, and it was extraordinary. Let’s be honest: it could have gone horribly wrong, but it was a stroke of genius on Karl’s part.

Certainly, Karl created it all okay, like he usually does. In fact, he made it far better than okay, per Harlech: “Karl has a really assured eye, like an X-ray or a shaman — he’s telepathic.” But of course, we already knew that.

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