EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Roksanda Ilincic is ‘Honoured’ to Dress Ginnifer Goodwin For the People’s Choice Awards 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Roksanda Ilincic Talks About Dressing Ginnfer Goodwin For the People’s Choice Awards

Holy moly! If there was a prize for the most well-liked red carpet designer of the past year, it’d have to be Roksanda Ilincic. And if there was yet another prize for the designer who made our jaws drop on the most consecutive mornings at Grazia HQ, it’d be her too. It happened once again today, when Ginnifer Goodwin in a neon pink Roksanda frock popped up on our personal computer screens. Oh. Wow.

Final night the extremely gorgeous actress chose Roksanda (appear #13 from spring/summer’12, to be precise) to rock the red carpet at the People’s Option awards. And boy. Did. She. Rock. It. We’ve lately been awestruck with clothing lust for Rooney Mara, Carey Mulligan, Kate Middleton and Lady Gaga in their Ilincic possibilities, but GG really upped the fashion ante when she chose such a fashion forward piece from the range.

Roksanda Ilincic Dress Ginnfer Goodwin For the People’s Choice Awards.jpg

‘Ginnifer looks extraordinary in this Spring / Summer 2012 appear, I am honoured that she has worn one particular of my dresses for a second time!’ Roksanda exclusively told Grazia Day-to-day this morning. Neon pink and with Roksanda’s signature lantern sleeves, the dramatic cut and colour of this dress is in completely in line with the catwalk’s minimalist new take on couture-like silhouettes for S/S’12. ‘She isn’t afraid of experimenting with colour and often chooses the brightest shade from my collections. The hot pink suits her skin-tone beautifully, while the silhouette complements Ginnifer’s figure with out overshadowing her.’ Hear, hear!

Of course, the adorable actress very first wore 1 of the London-based designer’s creations at Comic Con in July final year – and it was vibrant indeed! She paired the fluorescent yellow dress with a black feather belt and patent ballet flats, which worked perfectly with her dark pixie crop.

You can guarantee we’ll be on Roksanda-watch 24/7 from now on, ladies. Nicely, awards season is only about the corner…

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