8e992a43776fe5bd How to Make Friendship Bracelets DIY One (or Two) Bracelets For National Friendship DayLife is nothing without buddies. It might sound like an over-dramatized statement, but who would we be if we did not have a buddy to play with in elementary school, a loyal buddy to aid us go by means of those (annoying) growing pains in middle school, a BFF to hang with all all through high school, and a college gal pal to talk you through boy troubles? Hopefully, some of these friendships have withstood the test of time, and with National Friendship Day about the corner (Monday, Aug. 8), we suggest you surprise your nearest and dearest with the ultimate providing: a friendship bracelet. Instead of getting 1 at a cutesy boutique, we suggest you DIY your own version and make it additional unique.

You ready for the play-by-play? Listen up:
Pick up your materials: Check out your local craft store or Michaels for a range of waxed thread, colorful ribbons, yarn, or even classic gimp string. Also, don’t forget the securing materials, like glue and clasps, and beads and rhinestones for embellishments.

92cc7006be58f7ab Friendship Bracelet Supplies DIY One (or Two) Bracelets For National Friendship Day

Start braiding: There are a ton of braiding strategies to choose from. For beginners, we suggest trying the old-school corkscrew gimp strategy or chevron weave. Intermediate players can attempt the cobra stitch technique or heart technique if you truly want to impress. Ready, set, go — great luck!

671369e7be489c2e Friendship bracelets 2 DIY One (or Two) Bracelets For National Friendship Day
Left to correct: Gimp string corkscrew method, chevron technique, heart approach, and cobra stitch approach.


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