obama asos  Can You Wear A Cheap Dress to a Wedding? E. Jean Says Yes!

Michelle Obama in her ASOS dress.

ASOS, the thrifty on-line retailer with style business cred, reported a 49% rise in total retail sales yesterday, though the company’s feeling the pinch in its native UK exactly where young fashionable Brits are shopping their closets instead of throwing down invisible cash.  Excellent news is international sales account for 62% of their total sales and the website’s cheap fashion forward wares have been worn by a litany of as well cool for school American celebrities who like to appear au courant: Rooney Marney, Emma Roberts, Lake Bell.  The site’s most significant get was possibly the Initial Lady herself, Michelle Obama, who has a penchant for the affordable stuff, showing up to a military picnic in an ever so suitable gingham sheath last summer. Which begs the question: if ASOS is excellent enough for Mrs. Obama—arguably one of the chicest ladies in the cost-free world—does it give the rest of us a cost-free pass to choose um, what we’ll call an “economically conservative” choice for a formal event?

I ask since I’m in a wedding this year—a huge Texas wedding—and thankfully my friend had the great sufficient sense to let us decide on our personal dresses as opposed to sticking us into the same tulle sweetheart gown, which let’s face it only operates on a handful of body sorts, namely that of the lithe much less-endowed tribe. Her only request is that she gets to okay our choice just before we buy it. Completely reasonable (watch one particular episode of Say Yes To The Dress and see why it’s by no means a great thought to give as well extended a leash to nine women with quite different tastes). Of course, I found the ideal resolution on ASOS, my go-to when the bank account looks bleak (and whose doesn’t these days). Am I being chintzy right here?   Or is it just a sign of the instances that we’re all seeking for less costly sartorial alternatives, particularly when it comes to a piece—floor-length, black—that I will not be in a position to put on that often?

I asked the incomparable E. Jean, she who understands anything when it comes to modern day etiquette, what’s the correct course of action right here and this is what she told me: “It is a brilliant bride who permits her bridesmaid to decide on her own dress.  I toast this bride with Champagne! I toast this bride with another  glass of Champagne. And as for the dress—some of the prettiest dresses in America cost less than $ 50.”  Did she just write my rehearsal dinner speech?

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