Betsey Lulu Johnson Betsey Johnson to have a reality show

This makes all the sense. Betsey Johnson is a whirlwind of spontaneity, personality and quotability seemingly at all times. She also knows how to style an occasion her fashion shows are legendary for becoming not just a show but an expertise, and her backstage often boasts a full on party, D.J. included.

So that’s a yes, I will be tuning in to the tentatively titled “Betsey + Lulu” which will stick to Johnson and her daughter Lulu as they launch Lulu’s new line. Style Media, which owns the Style Network, announced the show this week, regardless of Johnson’s past denials.

“The concept has come up here and there, but I do not like the immediate invasion,” she told The Every day summer.

Guess the concept kept nagging at her! It also might have to do with a paycheck since signing the retail portion of her enterprise more than to Steve Madden.

The Johnsons’ interior decorator, shrink, and individual assistants with seem on the show, so you can presumably discover to live just like Betsey. Leading Chef and Style Star’s Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth serve as executive producers – some good quality names! I am expecting something remarkable.

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