We’ve seen the show, now let’s all stand back and make way for Chanel is living fashion on the commercial fast lane! The new nail polish swatches used in their Couture Spring 2013 fashion show are now available for purchase.

And if fashion history taught us something so far, is that the nail polish colors used by Chanel in their fashion shows quickly become the new must wear nail polish for that season! And this time, my dahlings, the new Spring Summer 2013 must wear nail polish in question is pretty. And pink. And… no, nothing new or revolutionary, don’t you worry about that, but nice and user – friendly.

the must wear nail polish spring summer 2013 3 Must Wear Nail Polish Colors For Spring Summer 2013 From Chanel

Chances are you might actually have some of the colors in your nail polish stock already. Let’s take a look: the light pink? Emprise? It’s your typical French light pink, I have something really similar from OPI. The bright pink, Fracas – is really joyful and so girly I won’t refuse myself the pleasure of looking for it and giving it a coat or two (wink). As for the deep red, Accessoire – it’s really one of the most classic shades of deep red. I told you, Lagerfeld didn’t invent the wheel this season, but sure knows how to make it turn in his favor! (oh, and just in case – the polish is here)

summer s trendiest nail polish chanel 3 Must Wear Nail Polish Colors For Spring Summer 2013 From Chanel


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